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    2011, August 6 - August 14. Karelia, Russia.
    The raid "Karelia Trophy 2011"

    Karelia Trophy is an annual adventurous raid for the owners of the AWD vehicles, quads, motorbikes, and simply everyone who loves travels and adventures. To conduct Karelia Trophy latest competition, special routes going over the territory of the Karelian Republic are designed. The routes are: heavy-going dead forest tracks, log spurs, and total off- road rocks, fords, swamps, taiga
    Karelia Trophy is not only a competition, its a harmony of active leisure, journey and real adventure in the heart of Karelia. The specific character of Karelian nature wild terrain and under-population derive the unique feature of the race its adventurous set. Karelia Trophy routes are challenge that cause a sensation of enthusiasm and passion for pioneering. It is the spirit of adventure when obscurity is ahead, and when you dont know what to expect on the next special stage, that advantages Karelia Trophy among other off-road contests.

    We challenge you to partake in the annual raid Karelia Trophy 2011 in one of the following categories:

  • The Category Raid (comprises all declared rating groups)
  •     There are following Rating Groups (Nominations) in Raid category:

    - Rating Modified unites the vehicles with ANY wheels
    - Rating Light-Modified unites the vehicles, the wheel size is not more than 33 inches (according to Manufacturer's features)
    - Rating Open it is non extreme tourism route. Unites the vehicles with any wheels
    - Rating Long Vehicle unites the vehicles with long base (5-door car body) if their wheel size is not more than 33 inches (according to Manufacturer's features) and their axles dont have board reducers
    - Rating ATV unites the 4x4 ATVs
    - Rating Moto unites the motorcycles and 2x4 ATVs
    - Rating Team Of Event unites teams formed by the Participants themselves.

  • The Category Technical Support - comprises the cars of technical support.

  • The Category Organizers - comprises the cars of the Organizing Committee.

  •     The Participants registered in the category Technical Support providing technical support and accompanying the Participants by motorcycles and ATVs do not pay the participation fee.

        See the raid Karelia Trophy 2010 Regulation terms for more information on entry fee and the conditions of participation.
        Karelia Trophy 2011 Application Form

        Dear Competitors!
        Herewith every team will be charged Ecological pledge. It will be handed back in full at the end of the competitions. We are grateful to you for your understanding. Its not that we dont trust you, but its because we want to attract Participants attention to fire safety and supporting ecology during the raid.